in 2016 google introduced in its calendar app the goals or notes that would have been useful for performing certain daily activities, but it seems the company now wants to go back and remove this feature, as found in the version 2022.30 installer. 2 of the ‘app’ Google Calendar for Androidsome parts of the code say that the targets will leave the application soon.

A series of information in the code of the Calendar app’s installation file says that you can still see the goals created in your calendar, but they will never be repeated, and to keep track of your goals, the app suggests instead of creating recurring events.

The decision to remove Goals is not something that should come as a surprise, in fact Goals is yet another feature that Google wants to remove from its Calendar app. In June, again, in an analysis of the Google Calendar installation file, with users of 9to5Google they found that the Big G is working to replace the Reminders feature in the Calendar app with Google To Do.

All of these changes are likely happening because Google wants to make its Calendar app a more workspace-centric product.

Source: Lega Nerd

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