What’s new in this update? whatsapp is working on managing phone number visibility when starting a chat with some companies, for a future update to the app. This feature is in development, so it’s not ready to be released to beta testers yet, but you can learn more about the feature in this article.

WhatsApp continues to work on improvements to inform group members about the group membership approval system. The new feature of the most famous messaging app in the world is exactly: when viewing the phone number when starting a chatand this feature allows users to share their phone number with a particular subgroup of a community they belong to, because their phone number is always hidden by default after they join a community.

WhatsApp plans to ask users in some situations to share their phone number when they start chatting with businesses. In some cases, WhatsApp automatically hides the customer’s phone number when they message businesses through the Click to WhatsApp ad. But beware, not all interactions with a WhatsApp ad are eligible to hide the phone number, so you have to wait for another update or official WhatsApp information to find out how it works.

When you contact a particular business and the phone number is hidden in that particular case, such as with the share phone number option for subgroups in a community, customers can choose to share the phone number with them. Unfortunately, this feature is in development, so it’s unclear when WhatsApp plans to release it to beta testers.

Source: Lega Nerd

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