on a space mission Artemis IThe American space agency NASA plans to board a satellite designed to conduct a biology experiment in deep space. Called BioSentinel, it will be the first mission of its kind.

A CubeSat – miniature satellites – equipment that will be used during the mission will carry yeasts to study living conditions and health risks in deep space. Researchers are particularly interested in the risks associated with radiation.

BioSentinel will monitor vital signs of microorganisms inside it through sensors and other devices. Yeasts were chosen because they have some biological mechanisms similar to those of humans.

This includes DNA repair processes after radiation damage. In space, without the protection of our atmosphere, cosmic rays directly hit us and can cause serious health problems.

“BioSentinel is the first of its kind,” says Matthew Napoli, project manager at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California. “It will take living organisms into space more than ever before. This is really cool!”

The successor to the Apollo missions, Artemis aims to save the expeditions to the moon initiated by the United States during the Cold War. Also, the American space agency says it will serve as a preparation for us to reach even farther places in space, such as the next frontier, Mars.

NASA has three possible dates for the mission’s maiden flight: August 29, September 2, or September 5. The launch will be from Kennedy Space Center in Florida (USA).

Source: Tec Mundo

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