How is it that Country is it running faster than normal? After 70 years, scientists have recorded two unusual days (June 29 and July 26, 2022). That’s when the Earth took less than 24 hours to rotate on its axis. On these dates there was a file speed history with an advantage of 1.59 milliseconds over the standard daily rotation time. If this happens all the time and stabilizes, scientists will have to synchronize the world clocks. A way to keep up with the speed of the earth.

Compared to Earth’s time, ours is too slow. This is a mechanism that could disrupt the world’s computer systems. There would also be problems with the GPS, if the gears lasted for decades. They could disrupt the triangulation system that allows us to receive the position of the 31 orbiting satellites that control its operation.

This is just a hypothesis, but with three theories as an explanation. The first theory questions the dissolution of ice caps, because they affect the rotational motion of the planet. Another gets in the way of the core and has been struggling with unpredictable movements for a while. Finally, the responsibility for the chandler wiggle, small oscillations due to the non-spherical shape of the Earth. Including the cyclic shift of the Earth’s axis of rotation of 3-4 meters from the North Pole (433 days).

Source: Lega Nerd

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