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WhatsApp’s new update will focus on our privacy


If WhatsApp is famous for one thing, it’s its beta versions. The American company is not the one that brings the most innovations to the world of messaging, but it is the one that does the most testing and testing. Telegram and Signal are very good opponents and this makes the Meta work hard.

And while WhatsApp for Android beta was first discussed, there was talk of a new section called “Report bugs” that would allow people to submit bug reports when WhatsApp tells them of a bug (thankfully, somewhat usually).

But this is not the only change planned for WhatsApp settings: in fact, thanks to WhatsApp for Android beta update, We have discovered that WhatsApp is planning to move the privacy section to the main settings screen.


As you can see in this screenshot, the privacy section will be removed from your account settings and added to the main settings screen. The information was published by Wabetainfo, a website specialized in WhatsApp information.

As always, this is where we’ll find all our privacy settings, the ability to manage all our blocked contacts, and the default message timer settings.

We don’t know why WhatsApp is planning to move it among all other core settings, but they probably just want users to be able to access privacy options quickly.


How to activate WhatsApp dark mode

Recently, this section has become very important due to new features. It will also contain settings that will allow us to hide our online availability on WhatsApp very soon.

This change is in development and will be released in one of the future app updates. As always, we will have to wait for it to move from betas to testers and finally to end users like us or you.

Source: Computer Hoy

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