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Reasons why the iPhone 14 might not be right for you


From the moment we officially saw the iPhone 14, we could see mixed emotions among users. You could see those who were excited about the new version of their favorite phone, that is, ardent fans, but we could also see people with a disappointed look.

And these are possibly the most powerful versions of this new Apple terminal, it could be more or less what we could expect. But, if you look at the regular version, i.e. iPhone 14 said cleanlywe will find more than one reason why this is not a desirable option.

We’re not saying it doesn’t bring anything new, but it might not be worth spending the money it’s worth. if we already have an iPhone 12 or 13because it does not have enough weighty arguments to make it viable.

The truth is, we can give you a few reasons why it wouldn’t be too smart to go right now and go to your favorite phone store to buy a new iPhone 14, especially if you have version 13 of the same device.

the same processor

If you wanted to buy an iPhone 14 Pro, then yes, you would take home the latest of the latest processors from Mansanasince this version mounts new apple a16.

But if you meant to take one of new iPhonesyou should notice that the chip it mounts is A15 Bionicexactly the same as in the iPhone 13 series.

In this case, at least if we already have an iPhone 13, this does not seem like a good reason to switch to a terminal that does not differ in terms of processor.

They announced an improvement in the thermal design of this processor over the previous one as Apple has used a 5-core GPU variant that works great with iOS 16.

However, we continue to argue that the change from 13 to 14 in this section is not justified. Another thing is if the new Apple A16 was mounted on a recent iPhone.


All iPhone 13 users are happy because Apple built a good battery into this device, allowing it to provide up to 15 hours of video and up to 75 hours of audio playback.

in iPhone 14 A little more screen time and audio has been achieved, but the truth is that not much more, because the data offered by the new Apple terminal is up to 16 hours of video transmission and 80 hours of audio playback.

it really very good numbersbut comparing them with the previous version, they are not enough to be a claim and move to the new Apple.


Doesn’t have USB-C

Many hoped that the new iPhone 14 came with USB type C and ditch the Lightning port, the same connector it’s had since 2012.

Well, no, Apple decided that it was not the time to put a new port on your device, despite the fact that the European Union has already passed a law according to which all devices must have USB type C.

The problem is that this new rule will not take effect. until 2024so everything points to the change happening in the same year.


Every iPhone in recent years has been released with very good camerassomething that has become common in the bitten apple brand.

Yes, it’s true that version 14 made some improvements to the module, but a big change is left for the Pro version as they expanded the sensor up to 48 megapixels.

Despite this small improvement that we have told you about, the new Apple terminals retains a 12-megapixel sensor who has already installed iPhone 13.

The main difference is that the new version has a larger sensor that can capture light better, but in general we are talking about 2 cameras located extremely close to each other.

That is why in this section it is so little convenient for us to migrate from version 13 to version 14.


Apple ProMotion Technology It was implemented in the iPhone 13 Pro, which gave excellent results and provided this terminal with a really good display.

Many expected that the same technology will reach the new iPhone, but, unfortunately, this smartphone keep up with the screen so big 60hz.

The hope that this new version would hit the market with a screen capable of a 120Hz refresh rate was based on the fact that in previous versions only the Pro had this capability, and it was thought that this time it could be that something common on all iPhones.

Also, those who criticize the fact that a phone priced like the iPhone 14 does not have 120Hz or even 90Hz are based on the fact that there are currently much cheaper Android phones with a screen of this quality.

Do you have competition at home

For anyone looking for an iPhone as their next terminal right now, with the prices of the new and previous version, it’s clear that the iPhone 14 has enemy in your own house.

We have already seen that the leap forward between versions 13 and 14 is not impressive and does not match what many expected. Based on this assumption and the fact that the official price of the iPhone 13 is currently 200 euros less than the iPhone 14, it becomes clear that Apple’s last year’s variant has tremendous power.

In addition to saving money, we will get an extremely interesting device, not far from what Apple’s new product is.

Here are the reasons why the new iPhone 14 might not be the best option to buy or replace if you have a previous version.

Source: Computer Hoy

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