Denmark is the first country ofUN contribute to the fund”loss and damage“, made for the purpose of reducing the damage of the climate crisis to the Less industrialized countries who have been seriously affected by the effects of: climate change.

This was announced by the Minister of Development Flemming Moller Mortensen at a ministerial meeting in the margins of theUnited Nations General Assembly in New York, reiterating how unfair it is to pay the highest price for carbon dioxide emissions are the poor countries to which they have not contributed.

Since the 1990s, there has been funds And investments that the richer countries should have paid to the poorer, sparking several controversies and denying any responsibility for the damage caused. Only 20 years later, in theParis Agreementa political compromise was reached on the fund”loss and damage“.

The Danish funds will thus be distributed in 35 million kronor for a German organization active in subsidizing insurance in the poorest countries, 32.5 for strategic partnerships with civil society dealing with damage and losses caused by climate change, 25 million to support the ongoing negotiations on climate change and 7.5 will go to entities and organizations working in developing countries to improve their resilience to the effects of these phenomena.

Source: Lega Nerd

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