The world under the earth’s surface hides many interesting things. Inside underground mountains much higher than the mountain Everest it is possible to find gods small diamonds that can give us information about what goes on beneath the Earth’s surface.

One of these diamonds was recently found in a mine in Botswana internally presents several elements that suggest this was formed over 660 km below the Earth’s surface. This region is called transition zoneis located between the upper mantle and that inferior and it is a very environment rich in water.

At its deepest point, the ocean is less than 11 kilometers thick and it seems unlikely that there is any more water to be found depth. This even manages to penetrate to the core of the planet because of the subduction phenomena of tectonic platesallowing it to reach the lower mantle. This process is called deep water cycle.

The presence of water in the depths of the earth can influence the volcanic activity, causing theexplosiveness of rashbut it can also play an important role in seismic activitytherefore, the recovered diamond provides important information for scientists.

Source: Lega Nerd

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