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Bad news for Google Pixel Watch: Screen repair is a headache


Google Pixel Clock This is Google’s first smartwatch, and to be honest, it’s working against them. Being your first device to compete in the smartwatch category, what happens is that expectations are raised above the clouds, when it’s normal that, being your first watch, it creates problems.

Google has announced its first watch along with the new Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro, and has also revealed a small preview of the Google Pixel tablet. At the launch of the Google Pixel Watch, many leaks were confirmed, and among them, users were most disappointed with the design.

The Google Pixel Watch has bezels around the screen that aren’t justified in mid-2022, but Google thought that would be a good idea and may have been wrong. A video was uploaded to YouTube today showing the exploded view first hours Google and unfortunately there is some bad news.

During the video, you can see that to be able to change the screen and access everything you have after that you have to go through a few components. This may not seem like a problem, but that is because it greatly limits the repair of this device in the event of an accident.


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Google Pixel Watch has big problems with screen repair

To be effective, changing the screen on the Google Pixel Watch requires you to almost completely disassemble the device. Indeed, what is most striking, and not for the better, is that it is mandatory to completely disassemble the battery of the device in order to free the screen this Android watch.

It’s not that releasing the screen is something simple, in fact, it is necessary to completely unscrew several parts of the watch and be very careful when doing this, as some of the cables connecting the screen to the motherboard may break. and, in turn, with a battery that powers the entire device.

Considering all this, we find that Google Pixel Watch is a difficult device to repair and that being in such a situation can also have a high cost for this type of repair. We will have to see how this situation develops and whether Google will offer prices for the repair of its first watch.

Source: Computer Hoy

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