Earlier this week (23), the Harmonia aesthetic clinic in Rio Grande do Sul shook social media with a surprising before and after.

With the promise of reducing wrinkles and expression lines, phenol peeling seems to fulfill its promise. But it’s not just the results that stand out.

An unsuspecting bystander may be in shock at the appearance of the skin during recovery. The result of a more aggressive procedure for the skin than most common treatments, the peeling process takes about 12 days.

See the video.

But what is phenol peeling and how does it work?

Phenol peeling is an aesthetic procedure that uses acid to trigger a deep exfoliation reaction in the skin, which is considered invasive and aggressive.

In contact with the epidermis, the acid causes a chemical burn that stimulates regeneration and further collagen production at the site of application. This process gives more vitality to the new skin.

Is the procedure safe?

The procedure is performed in a controlled manner, under light anesthesia, and in a surgical center. It is considered safe as long as it is done with expert professionals.

As with any invasive procedure, there are some risks. It is contraindicated in people with dark skin, kidney disease, heart disease or liver problems.

It can also cause patches on the skin that may be lighter or darker. There is also a risk of serious burns if the acid is not applied correctly.

The healing process is painful

How long does the result take? How much?

According to experts, the result is long-lasting, as long as the person continues to take care of the skin, he maintains a youthful appearance for at least 10 years.

Regarding values, the procedure is not cost-effective. Phenol peeling can reach around 30 thousand reals in specialized clinics.

The fountain of youth may be in the clinic, but accessing it can be painful and expensive.

Source: Tec Mundo

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