Samsung’s new ad mocks Apple users

Samsung’s iPhone obsession continues with a new ad criticizing Apple users.

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In a new announcement, Samsung shows its obsession with Apple once again and mocks the company for not releasing a foldable iPhone. The Korean company is very inclined to criticize Apple and its users in their ads, a strategy that I don’t know if it really works, we’ve already seen it after the launch of the new iPhone 14 and it happened again.

This time we see one it seems like Apple is trying to “jump the fence” users trying to go to the “Samsung side” where things like folding smartphones are.. Those on the Apple side are trying to persuade him to wait for these developments to reach the iPhone.

Samsung Announcement

In its latest announcement, Samsung once again criticizes Apple and its users.

Samsung returns to charge against Apple and its users

In most advertisements of this type, Samsung criticizes not only Apple, but also its usersare exactly the customers you want to attract to your brand. I don’t think it’s a very useful strategy, someone you criticize may not want your products.

Also, in most of the announcements of the last months, Samsung focuses on foldable smartphones, although it is currently a very small market. Despite being on the market for 4 years, it seems that such smartphones do not attract many users and still present more problems than real advantages.

You can see the full announcement below:

“Hey, what are you doing there?” asks an alleged Apple employee. “You can’t sit on the fence.” “But on the Samsung side, they have foldable phones and epic cameras,” the man replies. His talk attracts another “Apple” customer interested in foldable devices, while a fake Apple employee tries to dissuade him from leaving. “We expect all of this to come here,” the employee explains. “Why? It’s already there,” replies the potential Samsung customer. The fake Apple employee says, “Because that’s what we do. We hope.”

Apple has never been convinced that folding smartphones will succeed and still waiting for this technology to evolve to deliver something of quality. Some hints from Apple that we might see a foldable device in 2024, but it looks like it won’t be an iPhone.

Hopefully, analysts wait Samsung sold 9 million folding smartphones this year, but sold more than 270 million smartphones in 2021, heading towards similar results in 2022. So the share of foldable smartphones is really low and probably not a reason to buy for most iPhone users.

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