We have reached 8 billion people on planet Earth, but at the same time people have to accept a rather bitter reality: based on a meta-analysis of data from 53 countries on all seven continents, an international collaboration of scientists has shown that sperm counts continue to Reduceindicating a worrying downward trajectory in both fertility and overall men’s health.

Professor Hagai Levine of the Hadassah Braun School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem said: “We have a serious problem which, if left unresolved, could threaten the survival of humanity. We urgently call for global action to promote healthier environments for all species and reduce exposures and behaviors that threaten our reproductive health.”

The professor also added:

Overall, we are seeing a significant decline in sperm counts globally of more than 50% over the last 46 years, a decline that is also growing very rapidly, especially in recent years.”

So we know that this problem exists on a global level, but we don’t have completely certain information as to why. Experts are trying to draw their own conclusions. What emerges is that this drop is likely due to a series of causes such as: lifestyle choices, environmental chemicals and possible disturbances in the development of the reproductive tract before birth.

A study conducted in China earlier this year revealed that large amounts of air pollution can have devastating effects on sperm counts: There was a significant correlation between the decline in sperm counts and the heavily polluted areas people who took part in the study.

Levine’s research results were published in the Human Reproduction Update.

Source: Lega Nerd

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