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Elon Musk took up arms against Apple for these reasons


With purchase Twitter From Elon Musk’s side, there were many advertisers who stopped investing in advertising on the bluebird social network, and one of the most prominent ones who left millions of dollars was Mansanaand that practically no longer invests.

It pissed me off Elon Muskthe new head of Twitter, who shared in various tweets with his nearly 120 million followers, questioned the concept of freedom of expression. Mansanaand also criticized the famous 30% of the App Store.

According to MuskApple has suspended ad spending on Twitter, and that’s not good for the platform. “Apple has stopped advertising on Twitter for the most part. Hate free speech in America?“.

He also criticized Apple’s alleged censorship of other developers, as well as the 30 percent cutback on everything sold in the App Store.

Another startling claim made by Musk is that, apparently, Apple threatens to remove Twitter app from App Store.

However, over the weekend, Elon Musk noted that if the Twitter application disappears from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, he will be forced to launch a mobile phone on the market.

Apple, one of the biggest players in Twitter advertising investment

Apple has been one of the biggest advertisers on Twitter so far. spend over $100 million a year on advertising.

However, the recent actions of those from Cupertino, such as chief executive Phil Schiller, who deleted his social media account without notice, show things are changing.

Through the Guardian, Apple spent about $131,600 on Twitter ads between Nov. 10 and 16, compared to $220,800 between Oct. deal to acquire Twitter.

Source: Computer Hoy

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