According to a new study conducted in the United States, Thisnail dryers they use UV light (UVA) can harm the health of users and even aid their development. Skin cancer. published in scientific journal Nature CommunicationThe study provides evidence that this beauty accessory can cause permanent mutations in human cells.

The article points out that the radiation caused by ultraviolet dryers can damage human DNA and aid the development of cancer, as there is cell damage. The information was obtained in tests on mice exposed to the ultraviolet rays of nail dryers, and within 20 minutes between 20 and 30% of the mouse cells were dead – after three consecutive sessions, up to 70% of the cells were dead.

Second Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Utah, Dr. Julia Curtis, Cell damage is a real path to cancer. In addition, previous studies had already pointed out that the beauty procedure can cause melanoma in some people.

“You won’t find a dermatologist who doesn’t tell you that UVA ages us and increases our risk of skin cancer. So anything purposeful with this type of device will help. no problem. But to do that routinely, no, I wouldn’t,” he said.

Ultraviolet light and skin cancer

Although the study is still in its early stages, it has been scientifically proven that UVA and UVB radiation damage cells, contribute to skin cancer and increase premature aging – UV rays are also responsible for sunburn.

The problem behind all this is gel nail polish: the big difference is that the product has oligomers, which are molecules that harden when exposed to UV light, unlike common nail polish that hardens on its own. This gel removal process is carried out in an acetone bath, which can damage the nails.

In any case, the scientists point out that it is still necessary to study the effects of ultraviolet light nail dryers in humans. While the research is progressing slowly, one of the researchers claims that discovery could take up to a decade – even so, they still do not demonstrate the use of ultraviolet dryers.

For those who decide to have the procedure, the scientists say that wearing gloves — just to keep fingertips out — and wearing SPF 50 sunscreen is crucial to boost skin protection. Fairer-skinned people may also suffer more from ultraviolet light.

Source: Tec Mundo

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