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Unmistakable tricks that will save the diesel engine from breakdowns and last for many years


Much has been written about diesels. Those engines that brought us so much joy in 2000 and 2010. Unfortunately dieselgate exploded and most diesels were found to be emitting much more than advertised.

Diesel has pros and cons. As for its advantages, modern diesel engines have very low consumption with very low emissions, including harmful gases. (thanks to the addition of AdBlue and improvements to the catalytic converters).

As for its disadvantages, diesel is now for the first time in history more expensive than gasoline 95 and that, on average, they are more expensive to repair and slightly more delicate than gasoline engines. That is why today we will explain how to keep a diesel engine in good condition.


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  • Check oil level: Lubrication is always an integral part of the proper functioning of an engine. But this is what is in a diesel engine, although its fuel already carries something, it is even more important. It is necessary to supply a quality one and replace it within the time specified by the manufacturer. And, of course, when you do this, you must also put in a new oil filter.
  • Particle heaters and filters: These are two elements of the diesel, the maintenance of which you should also take into account. Heaters are to a diesel engine what spark plugs are to a gasoline engine: they are located in the cylinders and, unlike them, instead of causing a spark so that the compressed gasoline explodes and drives the pistons, they do what the fuel burns. .
  • Operating temperature and turbo cooling: You should be aware that all heat engines are designed to operate at the optimum temperature, and in the case of a diesel engine, it takes a little longer to reach this temperature. Ideally, you will drive the first km at low speeds. And when you arrive from a long trip, before you turn off the engine, leave it in neutral for a minute to cool it down.
  • Short distances: Another very simple and effective technique is to avoid too short distances daily. These types of daily trips that involve cold starting and immediately shutting down the engine and then restarting it…age the diesel prematurely.
  • Adblue: refuel only with a quality product, in no case allow it to expire. And of course, don’t rush to top up your AdBlue tank too much or you’ll end up with waste and more risk of unnecessary breakdowns.

All of these tips are taken from our friendly website AutoBild, an expert in the automotive world for over 20 years, so keep them in mind.

It’s our job to keep the car in good condition, and with rising prices and the semiconductor crisis, getting a car is harder than ever.

Source: Computer Hoy

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