If you’ve tried to check into the new Bicimad or take a bike to any of its stations, you’d probably be bitterly surprised that the system didn’t work. This is reported by thousands of users on social networks. Electric bike service in Madrid is experiencing problems at the start of its new phaseand we have already managed to test some of the most common ones.

So far the complaints are pretty mixed and you only have to search “Bicimad” on Twitter to find out. Some even report fines after using bikes. Even though it’s his normal job, a new stage of service has begun with a free modalitywhose window extends to the last day of July. For this reason, the app should not charge your card at all if you’ve used your bike for 30 minutes or less.

Except, Problems are also reported when registering or switching to the new payment system Bicimad, MPass.. From websites that lead nowhere to an app that stops without warning. Because this step is required to use Bicimad from today, many people are unable to unpin their bikes from their stations.

New stations and bikes of the Bicimad service

Even if you managed to transfer your account or register on the platform, this does not guarantee that you will be able to use the service. “Did you manage to use the blue bike without incident?” asks the Twitter account @enbicipormadrid. The reason is that even though the new stage started at 00:00 on March 7th, many could not unfasten bikes from racks. Those who use Bicimad as their main way to get to their jobs in the city have been hardest hit.

EMT is already aware of many of the challenges in the new Bicimad phase.

New Bisimad

Of course, EMT has already begun to listen to concerned Bicimad users. The phone number available for the attention of users has already been warned that “registration does not work”, although without telling when the service will return. However, Twitter warns that within the same day you will be able to register or transfer your account.

However, this is not the first time Bicimad has run into problems. In the official presentation of the new stage of the service, The media witnessed long delays. The reason was apparently found in the computer problems that the company was facing at the time. However, after a few days, it seems that he did not improve much.

After user complaints in recent months Yesterday, the official Bicimad account left a statement on their social networks about the problems. According to them, these inconveniences arose due to the integration of systems that they carried out. In this way, they ensured that “when the service goes live”, everyone will be able to sign up, transfer their accounts, and use it without hindrance. Unfortunately, the reality seems to have been different.

Source: Hiper Textual

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