Yesterday, a Cyber ​​attack on a large scale he put KO several Italian sitesincluding the official Senate site The attack was claimed by a Russian hacker group known as ‘Killnet’.

Hackers bombarded site servers with millions of requests, consuming their network resources. Nothing sophisticated, it’s a Ddos, the most classic cyber attack. In addition to the Senate website, the websites of the Ministry of Defense, the Higher Institute of Public Health and even those of the Italian Automobile Club have gone offline.

In La Repubblica, Arcangelo Rociola and Arturo Di Corinto explain that the Killnet today it is related to the Legion collective, a group of Russian hackers that was openly deployed to aid their country in the conflict in Ukraine. During these hours, the collective had threatened a retaliatory campaign against NATO countries and Ukraine. In other words, Italy’s support for Ukraine would have sparked the ire of hackers.

La Repubblica also explains that we know different information about Killnet. For example, we know that the bosses are relatively very young – 20 and 21 – and the address of at least one cryptocurrency wallet that can be directly attributed to one of the group’s lieutenants is also known.

Meanwhile, the investigations by the Italian authorities are still ongoing. The National Cybercrime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (Cnaipic) and the Postal Police have already opened a file and are monitoring the damage of the attack in real time. Being a simple one Ddos attack, nothing irreparable is expected. Today, the attacks that are most frequently interrupted are so-called ransomware: that is, attacks that can destroy – or more generally encrypt – victim’s data, making it difficult or impossible to recover. Just a few weeks ago, Trenitalia was hit by such an attack, causing serious inconvenience to passengers. Also on that occasion, the attack was claimed by a collective of Russian hackers.

Source: Lega Nerd

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