Many people still think vapers or electronic cigarettes as a safe alternative to tobacco. It is certainly safer than smoking regular cigarettes and can be beneficial. transition. The problem is there are too many the youth who have never had a cigarette between their lips but often vape thinking it won’t do them any harm. Unfortunately, there are many studies that show that this can be dangerous. Especially when vapers contain nicotine or cannabis. But even if they are just flavored liquids without any additives, they can harm your lungs. Regardless of taste, they can all be dangerous; Although, according to a new study, the ones that taste like mint They are especially harmful.

Most research on the impact flavors for vapers were made in mice or cell cultures. This is very common in research. However, with electronic cigarettes, this is not the most suitable. In the case of mice, nostrils they are very different from ours, so they cannot breathe through their mouths and inhale. As for cell cultures, cells are directly exposed to toxinswithout pre-treatment, as happens with respiration.

For this reason, the authors of this new study from the University of Pittsburgh have developed a robotic respiratory system that mimics human breathing. This way you can emulate the natural way vapers process ingredients and check if they will be generated. toxic compounds.

Beware of Mint Vapers

When they tested various vape flavors on this robotic breathing system, the authors of the study found that those containing menthol They were the most destructive. During processing, toxic compounds were obtained that could seriously damage the lungs.

In fact, this is something that was already intuitive from previous research. And the fact is that in a previous human study, it was observed that users of mint-flavored vapers were taking shallower breathing and they had deterioration in lung function. Moreover, this happened regardless of their age, gender and ethnicity. Neither the number of packs of tobacco per year, nor the use of nicotine or cannabis in vaping had an effect. This indicates that it is the menthol that is causing the damage.

For all these reasons, the authors of the study insist on the need stop advertising this flavor. Surveys in the US where the study was conducted show that it is one of the favorite tastes of consumers. At the very least, there should be awareness campaigns and, if they continue to choose the mint flavor, they should be aware of the risks associated with its consumption.

mint vapers
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Is not the same as inhaling

Mint is safe for oral consumption. Therefore, one might think that this is also vaper liquid additive. However, the authors of the study insist that eating is not the same as inhaling.

Moreover, although it is well known exposure to nicotine and marijuana, the rest of the ingredients in e-cigarettes are usually substances for which there are no known risks. But they are not known for the cold. When heated, they can form other compounds that, when inhaled, cause various health risk.

All this is not as serious as the risks that tobacco can cause. But it’s still dangerous. Allowing teenagers to consume it, believing that it is just water vapor, is a mistake. Even if the composition does not contain menthol.

Source: Hiper Textual

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