Apple TV+ renews ‘Silo’ for a second season: great news for sci-fi fans

Apple continues to benefit from the dystopian story of ‘Silo’!

The story, adapted from Hugh Howey’s books, will continue to be told in the second season.

Since its May premiere of this year, ‘Silo’ has emerged as the right series to take over from Ted Lasso as Apple TV+’s most popular series, at least until its possible return. And in just one season, we discovered a few reasons to continue addicted episode by episode, and we were left wanting more. But since the platform they announced, there is good news. The second season of the sci-fi series of the moment.

Based on Hugh Howey’s books ‘Wool’, ‘Shift’ and ‘Dust’, Imagine humanity in a dystopian futurewhose first approach It is handled according to the subject of ‘wool’.. Given the lack of narrative detail, it is speculated that the new season could cover the events featured in the second installment titled ‘The Shift’ in literary format.

‘Silo’ returns with its second season

first season ‘Silo’ consists of 10 parts It’s about 50 minutes long and is responsible for a scandalous cast with performances by Tim Robbins (“The Shawshank Redemption”), Rebecca Ferguson (“Dune”), Avi Nash (“The Walking Dead”), Rashida Jones (“The Office”). ) and David Oyewolo (“The Waterman”).

‘Silo’ tells us An intriguing story about how humanity has lived underground for thousands of years after an unknown catastrophe. and that they spend so much time in underground bunkers or “silos” that new generations forget why this is necessary. All they know is that if they get out of the silo, they’ll eventually die. To keep the balance, their society has its own rules and they live hundreds of floors below.

According to the Reelgood platform, ‘Silo’ was the most watched broadcast series for weeks in its first season.

Apple TV+ is a streaming audiovisual content service available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. 6.99 Euro subscription per month.

However, it is possible to get 3 months of free Apple TV+ with different methods. In fact, if you’ve never tried the service, it’s likely that Apple will offer you a free trial month.

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