Beyond offering lots of options and compatibility, one of the keys to multimedia players is that they offer a convenient and functional user interface. Therefore, possibilities or changes are usually added via updates and this is what is happening right now. Amazon FireTV Offered by well-known online store.

Among the most important changes is the Start Menu and the one that relates to the screen called. house (he is the one who gets the user when accessing the player). To begin with, the different access sections are changing, which is located at the top left, allowing you to return to the start screen or enter the live streams section. The text moves to a better life. Now there are some icons it’s pretty descriptive so everything is more visual and useful at the same time.

So that there is no doubt as to what each of them does, something that might happen at first is if you press the action button on the remote continuously, a full description of the function will appear. Meanwhile, the section Call also undergoes a change because now two parts instead of most of what happened before. The first is categories so that a movie or series can be found quickly. Second, for its part, it’s not lacking in advice so you don’t get bogged down in what you want to see.

More changes to the Fire TV interface

One of the things that is definitely curious is that the aforementioned section Library now called my stuff. This might make more sense because everything about customization is here, but it’s certainly not easy for multiple people to get used to (an example is my case). But there is no choice but to assume that the change is permanent. It’s also not vital.

New interface for Amazon Fire TV players


There are also minor location changes when using the Fire TV, such as when accessing reproductions, in the sections served by the Fire TV. straight in areas where it is possible to enjoy it. Also, access content marked as. Favorites now also more convenient and intuitive. In fact, some good improvements that will ensure that the vast majority of those who own these players will get a better user experience.

everything works perfectly

This is what needs to be said, noted by those who have already tried the new UI. slow and sure in all regions where these Amazon media players are available. In this case, testing on the Fire TV started in April of this year, so everything is checked out pretty well. Therefore, as soon as you receive the corresponding notification, it is best continue installation.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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