Streaming platforms know that the bubble is bursting and they have to evolve in order not to be left behind. Netflix’s first step was to kickstart its rate with advertising, a way of trying to attract customers. Although it is not the only platform currently taking action on the issue.

if you are a customer Rakuten-TV You should know you’re in luck in Spain, as they have just announced that 100 IMAX Enhanced movies have arrived in their catalog following a new collaboration agreement that added 80 channels of free content, movies, series and other content. available on the platform.

In this way, subscribers of this on-demand content platform who have a smart TV or projector that supports this display technology, The most complete IMAX Enhanced catalog on Rakuten TV.

100 IMAX movies coming to Rakuten TV in the next 6 months

Thanks to the new Rakuten deal, further increases the quality by expanding its catalog, because more and more manufacturers are working with this support for this format. Although we’ll have to wait for this expansion of the catalog to arrive, they only left us with an uncertain “next” on the next movie, as the press release never specified when this new movie battery would arrive. 6 months”. Therefore, we will have to arm ourselves with patience and wait for new news from the on-demand content platform.

this IMAX Enhanced premieres will arrive in eight European countries via Rakuten TV, these are Poland, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and, of course, Spain. Thus, all users of this platform will be able to enjoy 100 movies in IMAX Enhanced format.

Through a press release from Rakuten, they reported that the deal with IMAX Enhanced and Xperi aims to provide the best experience. Rakuten’s product manager said: “Rakuten TV users will soon have the opportunity to experience more of their favorite blockbuster movies in IMAX Enhanced, taking their movie nights to a new level with IMAX’s expanded aspect ratio and DTS sound.”

We don’t know the upcoming catalog either, but it’s clear that IMAX Enhanced, which stands out for eliminating black bars in movies and improving sound, will become a standard increasingly used by mainstream broadcast platforms.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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