Your opinion must be accepted. Netflix Not bad at its core, with plans that include ads. But beyond that, what really matters is what users think. And according to what is known, there are not many people who decide to sign up for the option we are talking about for now.

It should be noted that the offer from the platform is as follows: You can access most of the content Netflix has for less – two euros – per month. And yes, the ads are on the air and some options are lost (one of which is vital downloads for many and being able to enjoy the highest image quality in movies and videos). Not crazy but eventually the market dictates judgment. And it seems that for now not so good.

Serve ads, that’s the question for Netflix

According to the source of the information, the known data on how Netflix is ​​serving the public on its plan is not the best possible (the number of users it has on the new plan has not been disclosed for now, something that is highly anticipated). The truth is, the data is clear: the company for now It only served 80% of what was had to return the rest and didn’t collect it.

Netflix on the screen of a smartphone

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Obviously, they’re not particularly encouraging data, but it should be noted that Netflix is ​​in uncharted territory, which means: may have been particularly optimistic and they will have to be more careful from now on. Also, since we’re talking about additional income that comes in yes or yes, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that the new plan has failed. On the other hand, it should be taken into account that the platform prices in the ads are the most expensive in the industry (up to $10 per thousand views), which may mean that they are once again above the estimates. normal. Therefore, they need to be adjusted for 2023.

A normalization process that is expected to take a long time anyway.

The CEO of the company was already clear on this because he knew from the beginning that paradigm shift can cost It seems to be accepted by users and that’s exactly what it is. Of course, this information does not discourage Netflix from the idea of ​​​​planning with ads, far from it, it just needs to polish it and know exactly the market it has (from subscribers and revenue from ads). However, what is clear is that all this was not overly liked at first by the customers who were ultimately responsible.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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