Somebody The options that Netflix offers is the possibility to create different profiles. in one account. This, for example, ensures that every member of the house has his own so that everything is perfectly organized and possibilities such as suggestions are exactly as they should be in any situation. If you don’t know how to createWe tell you how to get it.

It is possible to do this from any client that Netflix has, but we believe the following are the best options. Smart TVs and phones (and by extension, tablets). The web version also offers this functionality, but accessing the video platform in this way is not very common, so the usage is so small that we decided to focus on the other two possibilities, which are the majority.

This is how you can create a step-by-step profile on Netflix.

We leave you what you need to do to register a profile in the service we mentioned. having one allows Everything is focused on that person., so accessing lists and suggestion options is much more efficient. This The number Netflix allows is five, so we recommend using them carefully so as not to waste them. Here are the steps you should take:

On a mobile devicehe is

  • Open the Netflix app as usual and enter your credentials if needed.
  • You will now see a screen that reads who is watching or something similar. In the middle you will see a box with the ‘+’ symbol, click on it.
  • Now you have to enter the name that the profile will have, and if it is for a child you must specify it here (so you can set restrictions on what can be seen, taking into account the age and type of content). You can change the assigned image using the pencil icon.
  • The next thing is simply to accept and use the Save option. From this moment you can select the profile you created.
Netflix logo on mobile

raw pixel

on smart TV

  • Start the application normally and when the first animation is finished you will see the screen listing all the profiles you have.
  • To add a new one, scroll down with the remote until you select the icon with the ‘+’ symbol that belongs to you.
  • Enter the name using the onscreen keyboard and tap Next. If you want to change the image, go to the Icon section and click on it to select other possibilities. Here you can also choose to create a Netflix profile for kids.
  • Click Done and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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