Spotify launches an all-new app for Apple Watch

Great news for Spotify and Apple Watch users, an update packed with new features has arrived, including interface design changes and the overall content experience.

By Mauricio Martinez on Apple Watch

Do you use Spotify as music streaming app on Apple Watch? Good news, has just been updated and promises a completely new and improved experience. this Interfaceamong others items such as library and navigation in general They have news. All the news was published in an article addressed to the press.

Spotify renewed for Apple Watch

The days when you had to have an iPhone to play Spotify on your Apple Watch are long gone and this app wants to continue to compete in foreign lands. To begin with, the remarkable thing is that content such as music and podcasts has a new design in the library section. If you’re one of those users who go for a run or walk with their smartwatch but don’t carry their iPhone with them, Spotify makes it easy to download content with just a few taps.

In graphic badges, Spotify made the biggest album covers, as well as adding new animations. All changes have been made to make it easier to search and select all content offered by the service. Spotify underlines something so simple Indicate that a song is liked by swiping your finger.

Apple WatchSpotify

Apple Watch already lets you use Spotify independently from iPhone.

Everything is great for Spotify but one detail is missing

Spotify seems to have taken inspiration from Apple to spot new podcast episodes. When an app from the App Store is updated on iPhone, it is marked with colored dots next to its name. New episodes in Spotify are highlighted with a blue dot.

What might Spotify lack to achieve anything close to being a great app? They’re assuming they’re available on over 2000 devices from multiple brands. They’ve contracted Delta to listen to music as soon as you’re in your seat, and they’re also integrating into Ray-Ban sunglasses like the Spotify Tap. Where is the playback on Hi-Fi?

The feature was announced a long time ago and not much to be seen by the end of this year. Apple has the advantage of lossless playback and spatial audio playback, but the experience on the latter point may vary.

Apple Music and Spotify

Spotify and Apple Music, two popular music streaming services

Spotify can win Apple Watch and iPhone users with this latest update. Should Apple be worried? Either way, the offer is very broad, subtle differences but very different in interface. Apple subscribers wouldn’t just switch apps for the Apple Watch. easier to do change the user’s mind about Apple Watch and Apple Music if they are not satisfied with the current experience. As with everything new, time will tell if the update is a huge success.

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