The case of stealing travel expenses of 7 thousand dollars from the house of the head of the presidential office, Laura Sarabia will have a few notable returns in the coming days, and her former boss and ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, will be a front-line hero.

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As EL TIEMPO was able to establish with resources from the Palace, The head of state has ordered his ambassador in Caracas to visit the country from the beginning of the week, just when the scandal of Sarabia’s ex-nanny, Marelbys Meza, broke out.

He was cited as the alleged person responsible for the robbery and was given a polygraph test at Casa de Nariño. The legality of this procedure is currently under review by the prosecutor’s office.

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Presidential appeal to Benedetti It was learned that the ambassador visited a relative in America, not in Caracas. According to Casa de Narino sources.

EL TIEMPO tried to contact Ambassador Benedetti to confirm this version, but was unable to get a response.

The first detail to be resolved is this: Did Ambassador Benedetti seek permission from the State Department for this relocation? According to sources at the palace, this is not clear. Nor is it about Laura Sarabia’s former nanny, Miss Marelbys Meza’s move to Caracas days before her story in the magazine became known. Week from the lie detector section.

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Sources at Casa de Nariño confirmed to EL TIEMPO: Who paid for the charter (express) flight to Venezuela for the ex-nanny; why and who he met in Caracas.

According to the W Radio Coronell Report, The ex-nanny traveled on a private plane from Bogotá to Barranquilla and then boarded another ship with Armando Benedetti and two others. To Caracas on 14 May.

Marelbyz Meza returned to Colombia from Venezuela a week later. On May 22, Benedetti is on another private flight with his ex-wife Adelina Guerrero, according to the Coronell Report. According to this version, Benedetti was in Colombia holding talks with President Petro and also with the magazine. Weekthe medium that resulted in publishing ex-nanny complaints.

Also, Marelbys Meza was an employee of Benedetti in the past and actually quit that job in the middle of another cash heist at the current ambassador’s apartment. He was subjected to a polygraph test at the time, as confirmed by Sarabia herself. Week. On this occasion, the test was conducted at Benedetti’s home.

According to the Palacio sources referenced by this newspaper, Relations between Benedetti and Sarabia, who were so close that Sarabia became part of the UTL, that led him to the circle of President Petro, are not going through a good period.

These sources suggest that Benedetti, who made a splash to enter Petro’s cabinet in the recent ministerial crisis, thought he had thwarted his former adviser’s intentions.


Source: Exame

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