A startling discovery has surfaced in the Vargas Vila district of Ciudad Bolívar. A resident scavenging the garbage found a lifeless woman’s body in a suitcase. Frightened, she immediately informed the authorities.

It all took place on Monday, May 29, at around 11:00 pm, just below the Meissen footbridge. That’s why the authorities are working on video camera inspection to find out if they can track down who or what was involved in the dumping of the body.

TIME can determine this The identity of the corpse does not match that of a Colombian citizen and therefore Related requests were probably made to the countries they came from. Your data does not appear in the National Register. The body would belong to a woman between the ages of 20 and 30. A special group has already been set up to find those responsible for the terrible crime.

All research is done by experts to determine the causes of death according to the findings in his body. On the day of the discovery, Police carried out the exhumation of the body in order to establish the identity of the victim and whether he was missing.

This Bogota Metropolitan Police He reported that by quarters units of the community surveillance model were the first to arrive in the area and everything is currently under investigation.

A reward of 20 million pesos was also awarded to those who provided information about these events. An elite group is ready to find those responsible for this crime.

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Source: Exame

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