This afternoon, President Gustavo Petro addressed the strike scandal at the Jose María Córdova Military School, where 235 cadets were promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

“None of you (Public Force members) here, Not a single illegal wiretapping order was issued to either famous or powerful ex-officials or humble people.‘, the President assured.

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And regarding the illegal spikes, Petro added, “This order was not given to them and will not be given.“.

“From some media, Some high-ranking State officials who do not have this duty told you (the army) to disobey the President. This is called fitna. The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Military Forces and the daily exercises”: the Head of State stated without a specific name.

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Petro reiterated that the guarantee of full rights “is the victory of the Government”.

In this direction, the President; “You won’t see dissent in this government, we don’t do that,” said anonymously, “The official who accuses us of this should investigate thoroughly,” he said.

With tacit reference to Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa, “with the same urgency that the government had to investigate the polygraph the next day, with the same urgency that a paparazzi had to see how a journalist who had nothing to do with us filmed a video“, stressed the President.

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And he continued to question that unnamed official, “The murderers of the ‘Gulf clan’ should have raided their homes with the same urgency, with proper names, whose addresses are at hand. Even today there are no reports of investigations into the systematic murders of social leaders.“Ordinary citizens on the Caribbean coast and across the country” questioned the President.

Pointing out that he has the authority to demand the reports mentioned by the Constitution, Petro said, “They don’t come. The raids come first.”

The President repeated that he had repeatedly insisted that “Crimes against humanity (…) registered in Colombia can investigate us down to the last centimeter, but give those reports to me”.
​ ​
The government exists not to protect criminals, but to catch them.“, He claimed.

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In the middle of her speech, she confirmed that the chief of staff, Laura Sarabia, and Colombia’s ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, were leaving the government.

Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa (yesterday) condemned at a press conference that the Judicial Police had tapped the phone calls of an employee of the babysitter Marelbys Meza and Chief of Staff Fabiola Tehran in January.

These illegal wiretappings were covered up as the so-called tapping of state phones. gulf clan‘.

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Barbosa said the two tricks the prosecutor who received Sarabia’s complaint refused to listen to and were “suggested” to him by people close to President Petro’s right-hand man were the same.

The events are related to Sarabia’s complaint that $7,000 was stolen from her home that the service personnel may have been involved in.

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