after his murder Yessica Calvera In the early morning of June 2, her husband Alexander Godoy and making public who will be outside the country, demanding respect for the memory of the victim and especially the minor involved.

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“I ask the media to refrain from publishing unlawful and unlawful headlines. minor’s rights‘ he says in the statement.

Godoy adds that he is not satisfied”for the irresponsible and lighthearted decisions of the authorities and their treatment of a minorbeing detained without a family member. We look forward to the development of investigations.”

According to Deputy Commander Herbert Benavides Bogota Metropolitan PoliceThere will be a murder that takes place around 1 am in the house located on the third floor of the Parque de la Matinata residential complex.

Although the victim was initially said to have left the house in the morning to go to work, an investigator investigating the case assured him that he was last caught by the cameras The group was photographed the previous day at nine o’clock at night and never left his home again, while the minor, who shared the same home, was photographed leaving around 6 a.m. on the morning of June 2.

Working as a video editor for media, Calvera six cuts on arms, back and chestHe was driven by a knife and found in the bathroom of his private residence.

The preliminary report of the authorities understands that the woman will be subjected to violence before she loses her life. The flat he was in was messy and there were visible signs of an argument scene.

At the residence he only met the person who would become his stepson. 16 years old What is available to the Police for Children and Adolescents and who will be investigated.


Source: Exame

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