This Friday afternoon, the lieutenant colonel was found dead. Oscar Davillawhich is part of esecurity team From House of Narino.

The officer sent a letter to Francisco Barbosa, the Nation’s Attorney General, EL TIEMPO learned. – if necessary – to express your availability to be heard in an interview or interrogation To talk about a case involving senior officials of the Presidency.

You can see: they found a police officer dead, he was the key in the security area of ​​the Palace)

“Óscar Dávila, in the position of lieutenant colonel, coordinator of the Anticipated Protection of the Presidency, I inform you that I am absolutely available to appear before the office of the investigative authority, this is stated to me, to make an interview on the occasion of facts based on the knowledge of the public, which has recently become socialized through the media and among them are high-ranking officials of the Presidency.

The case concerns the controversy that began after the prosecutor announced that two phones belonging to individuals had been tapped unlawfully for 10 days. Marelby’s Grave And Fabiola Pereaex-employees of outgoing presidential chief of staff Laura Sarabia They were hit with a document where they were listed as members of the ‘Gulf clan’. In the service of the pseudonym Siopas, the head of the then illegal armed group.

In this case, Lieutenant Colonel Dávila said in his letter that they connected the Presidential Protection Headquarters. Indeed, the Technical Investigation Unit (CTI) of the Office of the Prosecutor has conducted procedures at various locations to find out who was behind these wiretaps.

Currently at the prosecutor’s office 4 policemen called for questioningthree patrol officers who will participate as communications analysts and investigators in the illegal wiretapping of Sarabia’s former caretaker, Meza; and Perea, who works at the former official’s home.

(We leave you: Uribe case reaches Bogotá Court: which judge should review the process?)

I reiterate my interest in cooperation with the proper administration of justice. And as a result, as the person responsible for the Preliminary Protection Coordination of the Presidency Protection Headquarters, I fully offer myself to contribute to the clarification of the cases under investigation.”

So far, in the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation No date was set to listen to DávilaAppearing dead in his truck in Bogotá. Authorities have already gone to the location of the vehicle for the relevant examination of this officer’s body.

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Source: Exame

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