AI Gamma is an American startup developing AI-powered tools to create presentations.

Founded in California in 2019, this vehicle is Promises to create slides through AI under the design of algorithms, images, language processing and decision making.

According to its official page, Gamma AI uses artificial intelligence technology based on deep learning model and trained with a large dataset to generate the knowledge.

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The model can understand the structure of presentations, the content of slides, and the visual design of slides. This allows the app to “create visually appealing and informative exhibits.”

While it’s true that Google Slides, Prezi, and Power Point use templates that can serve as guides, this changes the “app” to: templates Moving is a function that makes it more striking.

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you can do it theren Add anything from GIFs, videos, music and even TikTok compelling images based on a user input and adding content.

Likewise, create a quote to group the content on each slide according to the details or changes the user wants.

To take advantage of the platform, the following step-by-step can be performed according to the tool’s official site.

Finally, you can download the product in PDF format, share it as a Prezi-style link, or embed the HTML code.

You can access this platform right now with a free “credit” systembut when they are exceeded it offers to get them either with unlimited premium version and for free. $67,000 per month or to invite one person to sign up for the ‘app’.


Source: Exame

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