This Thursday morning, sources from the Military Forces told EL TIEMPO, after reviewing footage of a puppy roaming the roads of the Huila department, Wilson denied being.

2-year-old Wilson is a Belgian Malinois; He was born on June 6, 2021 in the National Army cabin. Chiquinquira, Boyaca.

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According to the source, “as soon as information emerged that the dog was Wilson, Frame-by-frame work was done with the images of the person featured in the videos and photographs of Wilson and his family; morphological features did not coincide‘ he pointed.

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Similarly, experts noted that the distance between the forests of Guaviare and Huila is more than 600 kilometers, “which he certainly could not cover because of his physical condition”,

In fact, EL TIEMPO published (June 24) that with each passing day the hope of finding him alive was lost and that is why he decided to stop looking for him.

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Wilson was the hero of the search and rescue of four siblings aged 13 to one who survived a minor plane crash involving Araracuara (Amazon), San José del Guaviare (Guaviare) on May 1. Surviving 39 days in the jungle. They were found on June 9th.

Listed as a Special Forces dog, Wilson’s CV states that his chip number is 900217000358007, and that he is the son of Mah Red and a medium-sized Drugia, also Belgian Shepherd Malinois, imported from Spain. breed

Four dogs, two male and two female, were born from the union of Drugia and Mah Red.

Wilson stayed at the Chiquinquirá Dog Breeding Center for the first three (3) months and was then transferred to the Transition Center (Quindío) in Armenia where he stayed for only two months until he was five months old. He will be transferred to the Dog Training Center in the Logistics School, where he started his training as a tracking and intervention dog.

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Here, as a result of the analyzes made on the dog, whose posture, physical characteristics, health status and energy were observed, it was decided to start training as a trail and intervention dog. to the above, characteristics such as the anxiety of the sample are observed, he loved to bite and break (pinch with his nose) and his constant demeanor and constant attention from an early age.

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Drugia received two medals for Faith in the Cause and Distinguished Service from President Gustavo Petro this Monday for the value and services provided by his son, Wilson.

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The dog’s mother, Wilson, received a symbolic award from the Government

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