Millionaires still keep their happiness. Despite being knocked out of the group stage of Thursday’s Copa Sudamericana, the Bogotá team continues to radiate the emotion of the 16th star they achieved against Atlético Nacional 10 days ago.

Despite the setbacks in the continental tournament, the Albiazul team remains hopeful and optimistic for the future. At least that’s what players are hinting at before the Millonarios face Nacional for the weekend’s friendlies in the United States.

Exactly, before Millos meets Nacional again, The Colombian Football Federation (Dimayor) announced that sanctions were imposed on the ambassador team for the events that took place in the framework of the rematch final in El Campín.

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The Professional Football Championship Disciplinary Board reported in its latest bulletin: BetPlay sanctioned Millonarios for violations in El Campín during the second leg of the I-2023 League final.

First, Millonarios was warned for using gunpowder at the head of the team. The sanction highlighted in the report was “the lightest sanction foreseen in the 5th figure of Article 84 of the Colombian Football Federation CDU”.

“Millionarios vs. Atlético Nacional final round match
the following behaviors: 1. At the exit of the clubs, Protocol Actions, flares and pyrotechnics are evidenced by the fans in the South stands and the red flares in the North stands respectively “
The report of the Millionaires Field Commissioner, etc., says it word for word. The Nacional in El Campín, which the report cites.

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Then a In the match against Club Atlético Nacional SA on the 2nd day of the LigaBetPlay DIMAYORI 2023 final, FCF CDU’s 78th .

Penalties for the champion respond to the entry of “unauthorized” persons during the award ceremony.

According to the report of the Field Commissioner “The local club did not abide by the award protocol in that the champion allowed relatives and unauthorized persons to enter the ‘handles-free’ pitch at the end of the match at the awards ceremony and in the official photo sponsored”.

Therefore, the report reads, Millionaires were fined eleven million six hundred thousand pesos.

According to the report, the appeal against both sanctions is withdrawn.

The millionaires managed to win the first league title of the Alberto Gamero era. Now his challenge will be to play the Copa Libertadores.


Source: Exame

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