Cell phone storage is getting more and more complex over the yearsbecause some Android and iPhone devices have very limited maximum capacity.

For several years now some users of these mobile phones have been facing this kind of issue as their mobile phone memory is completely full causing them to decide to delete some memories or important information that they need to keep.

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Since the invention of these mobile devices Photos and images are known to use the most space as their size directly affects storage.

If you want to learn how to reduce their size for Android mobile phones, we invite you to continue reading.

To change the size of photos on Android, you must use an application created for it or an application that includes these features.

It’s no secret to anyone that there are these editing options. They are not included in Android’s default galleries nor in Google apps like the popular ‘Google Photos’.

That’s why we bring you a mobile application that brings together all the necessary modifications to make your images smaller from every angle.

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The most complete mobile app for resizing photos on Android is undoubtedly ‘Photo & Picture Resizer’as it allows you to upload several pictures, change the name of the picture and replace the original with the one that has undergone changes to save it in your mobile.

The procedure you have to do is very simple and here we will explain it to you step by step so that you can store the photos or files that you want to keep the most.

And ready! Please note that the application shown is completely free, but if you want to get the best version you can access the following benefits:

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