posts on Instagram they are constantly changing, but updates often focus on making changes in form or design, but without changing the essence of the car.

Everything now shows that the social network is in their plans to change the number of stories that users show at the beginning. This means that those who see the stories will have access to it. The content was only released in the last three.

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Again, it will be enabled with a small button called ‘show all’ Can view all stories posted by accounts.

Such decisions often present wide discussion and are not to the liking of all users.

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On the one hand, the content posted will have to be better selected to capture those who enter Instagram, but at the same time it leads to more advertising in this section of the social network, Because of the large number of views this tool has.

this test caught by Phil RicelleUploading a screenshot to his Twitter account (@philricelle) showing how stories will work with this update.

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