OnlyFans has become a platform where many people earn a few dollars. This will increase your monthly income.

One of these people is a young Colombian. Angie Brand, who revealed to her followers how many tricks she won a few days ago through his channel on this platform.

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In the video, The young woman shows screenshots of her monthly income, which has always been between $45,000 and $50,000.It is equivalent to approximately 189 million Colombian pesos.

Brand’s answer arose from the question: A follower asked, and he asked the following question: “Yesterday you said you wouldn’t say how much you earned. but I saw a report about how much he earned, is it true?” To the question, the Colombian replied: “My love, I actually said that, but I did not realize that my earnings were increased on one page, and well, I will open with you and tell you”.

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“Of course I don’t do this every month but I stay at 44 thousand dollars, 45, I reach 50 thousand dollars at most.Brand said.

Moreover, Saying that she managed to build an empire by uploading content to her social networks on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, the young woman shares the keys to earning that much money through these platforms. and other platforms and this only 19 years old: “You have to invest a lot, but it’s worth it”you should invest in one too”.

On the other hand, some claim to dethrone model Aida Cortes on the platform, According to users it is also the most visited on the platform.

According to Forbes, OnlyFans platform, It experienced a rebound in its users during the pandemic, which caused the platform to reach $400 million in revenue in 2020. Its users are mostly from the United States.

Likewise, the number of creators has tripled and show business people like: Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe and Rebecca Minkoff, they manage a profile on the page they share with their followers.


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