An argument in front of a house in Casanere’s Aguazul neighborhood ended in tragedy after authorities and residents confirmed a man’s attack on a woman.

According to preliminary information, the incident took place in Istanbul on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 19th. 12 races between 15 streets of the municipalitywhen the man who was going to have an emotional affair with the woman attacked her several times stabbing him, preventing help from being sought by neighbors who called authorities.

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When the quarterly policemen came to the house, the attacker continued to attack the woman and at that time Two of the men in uniform were injured.which would have caused another officer to shoot and be killed immediately.

To the anguish of the neighbors, the police quadrant quickly took the injured woman and the man in uniform to a health center in the town, but the woman who was attacked here died, while the police situation is stable.


Also, in the discussion According to early versions collected at the scene, a neighbor was injured. The discussion was recorded on video posted on social networks.


This is how a new day of mobilization against the National Government passed.

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Source: Exame

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