TikTok is preparing to launch a new service that will allow sharing photos, similar to Instagram*. The company sent a newsletter with this information to users, writes The Verge.

TikTok prepares to launch an Instagram competitor*


The service will be called TikTok Notes and will allow TikTok users to share posts in the new app.

Last month, the media wrote about a code discovered within the TikTok app. It was then reported that the Chinese company was developing the TikTok Photos app.

Previously, the US Congress passed a bill that would allow ByteDance to deal with the sale of TikTok to a local organization. If the sale does not materialize, the service may be blocked in the country. ByteDance is also facing the threat of removing the service from app stores.

This decision in the United States was justified by the need to guarantee the security of the personal data of its citizens.

In China, for their part, they declared themselves against the forced sale of the business and the disposal of the structure of the parent company.

*belong to MetaPlataformas, whose activities are recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and are prohibited.

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