Early in the morning, an inter-municipal bus belonging to the Brasilia company had a serious accident at the 57th kilometer of the Cúcuta – Valledupar road at the height of the municipality of Santander, El Playón.

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As can be seen from the videos, the bus carrying 41 people, most of them Venezuelans, will go off the road and it would have rolled down a mountain pass several meters deep in the sector in question.

Civil Defense personnel, at least 30 volunteers, are already at the scene and responding to the emergency, which has already left 9 dead and more than 30 injured, according to preliminary reports.

Those injured in the accident are currently being treated at the José Domingo Savio Hospital in El Playón and the San Alberto hospital.

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The mayor of El Playón, Wilmer Alexander Barrios, assured that a large number of ambulances arrived in the area and almost all of the injured were transported to provide medical attention.

“The situation is chaotic, thank God we received help from some ambulances that have already arrived and displaced a large number of injured, but at the moment I do not have all the clear information about what is happening due to the seriousness of the events,” said Barrios.

The bus from Cúcuta Transport Terminal to the city of Valledupar departed at around 5 am. a possible mechanical failure has occurred and the driver has lost controlIt’s causing tragedy, according to Santander Police.

Santander Civil Defense member Dugwin Villamizar reported that 4 minors were among the bus passengers.

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Source: Exame

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