A new scandal is before the eyes of the authorities in vehicles belonging to the National Protection Unit. Recently, an armored minibus assigned for a security operation was detained on the grounds that it was carrying a large amount of money.

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This situation Rodriguez joins others investigating the hiring of such vehicles to transport large volumes of cocaine and marijuana to different parts of the country, while the deputy director of ex-asset protection is behind bars.

In this new condition, it’s a van Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX with license plate JEO-109, relocated from Ibagué to Playa Rica (Tolima), and a large amount of cash in addition to a few people gone.

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The incident happened to one of the occupants of the vehicle. He stated that he actually hired the truck to transport 700 million pesos.s and was approached by some fake police officers who robbed them on the way.

It was learned that the vehicle was included in the protection program of the local governor Carlos Gilberto Walteros. Apparently, the UNP apprentice driving the car when the fake police officers approached them.

Also, the protected There was an escort in the truck and two coffee merchants who would own the money.anyone.

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The latter claimed This is not the first time they have been carrying cash in this type of vehicle, because they had decided to hire them after they were attacked.

EL TIEMPO met with UNP Director Augusto Rodríguez and stated that he had filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. He added that there is an investigation into the institution’s internal control.

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official He also pointed out that this is not the first time trucks have been illegally hired to transport heavy loads. money amounts.

At the beginning of December last year, Police seized 168 packages of high-purity cocaine found in a Toyota Prado TXL truck. After going through the defunct DAS with license plate KXU 434, UNP affiliate KXU was assigned to the conservation plan of Ronald Rodríguez Rozo, deputy director of conservation, a former high-ranking official who had worked with the organization for several years.

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at that moment, authorities caught the alleged “drug driver” Manuel Antonio Castañeda Bernal – a friend of Ronald Rodríguez – who had introduced himself. He is known as the promoter of shows and by artists and members of the Police.

Castaneda himself weeks before his capture, he had explained to the UNP director the existence of a network that rented these plans for up to 7 million pesos a month.

In this case, authorities caught Rodríguez Rozo in his flat in western Bogotá in mid-June last year. Allegedly committing the crimes of drug trafficking, intent to commit a crime and embezzlement.

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During a trial, an interrogation surfaced in which Castañeda assured him that he agreed with Rodríguez Rozo. Carrying shipments of cocaine and cannabis in UNP vans that UNP provided to him in his capacity as a public official.

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