WhatsApp instant messaging application is constantly innovating in the services it offers to its users with the updates it makes.

While the new ‘channels’ functionality and the option to share the screen on video calls were announced recently, there are already mentions of other improvements the app might have. chat lock Via a security code, according to the ‘WaBetaInfo’ portal.


The privacy of users is one of the interests of Meta company, therefore, in its different Applications it is possible to find functions that allow security adjustments to set passwords, make copies, create backups, among others focused on preventing possible hacking of accounts. or information theft.

While many of the developments are directed towards mobile phone services, progress is being made in internet users’ requests for a computer version.

That’s why the WhatsApp app, which focuses on security and improvements for the web, is working on a screen lock for chats.

According to ‘WaBetaInfo’ this type of blocking is acts as an access screen via a passwordIt is in the process of being made available to beta testers.

While it is possible to encrypt the app’s messages on mobile devices, this has not been possible on a computer until now.

This is the new update protect the message list with a password and available to registered persons. in beta program for testers.

Those who are part of this group can use this functionality by entering WhatsApp Settings > Privacy, where the ‘screen lock here’ option will appear, which will allow you to enter a password and specify when to be requested.

If you forget which password you entered, you must log out and re-enter it by scanning the QR code.

One of the advantages of this next update This is because it ensures a user’s privacy even when leaving their web session open on a computer, as they need to enter a password to access messages.

Also, according to ‘WaBetaInfo’ there will be no automatic notifications when the screen is locked.

(Also: you can sync your Android or iOS smartwatch with your phone this way.)


Source: Exame

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