After the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the country on Thursday, August 17 and centered in Calvario, Meta, Fake news chains circulated on social media WhatsApp, which is trying to warn the community about alleged aftershocks that could occur in the next few hours.


Authorities should not succumb to false information and Follow official sources to be well informed about seismic events.

In addition, he said that tremors are a natural phenomenon and that despite scientific and technological developments, The forecast of these events remains unattainable.

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The Colombian Geological Service has assured several times: earthquakes or earthquakes are unpredictablebecause there is currently no necessary technology or method to do this.

Thus, so far Current technology is limited to recording and analyzing the magnitudes of well as the consequences they require after they occur. There is no sure way to predict them.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly when an earthquake will strike, according to ‘National Geographic’, it’s natural to wonder how it’s possible for seismic warning to give a warning before it happens.

it is very important to understand seismic alert is activated only after movement has already startedonly when the epicenter of the shaking is far enough away to provide a short time interval before the shaking reaches the alarm area.

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The website of the National Disaster Risk Management Unit has a guide with the main recommendations to consider in the event of an earthquake. Here are some of the most important:

Before a shake:

1. Identify safe places: Find shelter at home, at work, and in places you visit often, such as under a sturdy desk or next to a door frame during an earthquake.

2. Prepare an emergency kit: Have a kit with essentials like water, non-perishable food, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit and important documents.

3. Secure heavy objects: Secure furniture, shelves and heavy objects that could fall and cause injury during an earthquake.

During a shake:

1. Keep calm: keep calm and take shelter in a safe place. Avoid running or panicking.

2. Protect yourself: sit, crouch, or crawl next to a sturdy piece of furniture, such as a sturdy table. Protect your head and neck with your arms.

3. Stay away from windows and hanging objects: Stay away from windows, mirrors and things that could fall. Find a place free of objects that could cause injury.

4. Avoid elevators: Do not use elevators during an earthquake, they may get stuck or stop.

After a concussion:

1. Assess the damage: Once the shaking has passed, assess the damage around you and make sure there is no immediate danger.

2. Treat wounds: Provide first aid to injured people if necessary. If the situation is serious, call the emergency services.

3. Check gas and electricity: If you smell gas or see damaged electrical wires, turn off the power and, if safe, turn off the gas supply.

4. Listen to the authorities: In the event of evacuation or other necessary measures, pay attention to communications from local authorities and follow instructions.

Remember that every situation may be different and These recommendations are general..

It is important to follow the advice of local authorities and be prepared to act calmly and confidently in case of tremor. Also, it is very important to avoid misinformation; not only not to be deceived, but also don’t spread false information.


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Source: Exame

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