1Password is now compatible with Passwords, the new iOS Access Key system

The new Access Keys system will bring more convenience to iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

1Password already support with Passwords

Apple recently introduced a new system for storing and redeeming passwords known as Access Keys or Passwords. revolutionary to log into applications, social networks and other services. now apply 1Password It is also compatible with Apple Passwords or Access Keys.

This is a really useful and useful addon especially for those who don’t use password manager apps and will save Apple ecosystem users a lot of hassle when it comes to creating, remembering and using passwords.

Access Keys will improve your privacy and password management

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Apple introduced Access Keys on its devices

A study by NordPass has suggested that weak passwords such as “1234”, “hello” and “querty” are among the 100 most used passwords on the internet. We can generate some with Pass Keys or Access Keys. much more secure credentials and because they are based on biometric systems, no one can get hold of your passwords.

Apple already had its own password storage system with sync via iCloud. However, if you are using third-party devices such as Windows PC or Android tablet, you will have to re-enter all your passwords in the system. With Access Keys this will not be necessary as they are available at: Apple, Google and Microsoft.

What are iOS Access Keys?

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Access Keys are more efficient and convenient to use

Access keys or Passwords are created to mark before and after in password management. A system with more securityold privacy and older accessibility.

  • Access Keys do not need to be memorized.
  • There is no weak access key.
  • Access Keys cannot be hacked.
  • Access Keys are generated automatically.

The 9to5mac video below clearly explains how Access Keys work.

1Password now supports Access Keys

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Access Keys reach 1Password

The 1Password app, one of the most popular password managers in the App Store, is now also available. Support with iOS Passwords or access keys. The new Access Keys system automatically connects passwords and biometric security systems to enable much more efficient use of credentials. Face ID And Touch ID.

If you use Access Keys, no user without access to your device will be able to access your accounts and services. With Passwords coming to 1Password you will be able to manage all your Access Keys and store them alongside your traditional passwords. All data will be synced across all your devices.

Source: i Padizate

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