Very soon, Apple will show the iPhone 15, the company’s first smartphone with a USB-C port. Everyone will discuss this moment. But there is more to come in the development of the next generation.

At least in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models, the company is going to implement the initiative from the iPhone sound mode disclosure lever.

The lever has long been gone from the iPad, and now it has risen “to the exit” in iPhones as well. But, as it seems to me, to miss the German few.

Why did the lever last so long

The physical lever for switching modes is one of the signature elements of the iPhone, without which it was impossible to imagine an Apple smartphone. It has even been repeatedly copied by Android device manufacturers, including One Plus.

The ability to quickly, at any time, enter the device into silent mode or, conversely, lead to the fact that every iPhone owner has repeatedly rescued. The switching itself, this physical “school” you can right now, reading these lines, manifest itself without even touching the devices – it has become an extremely strong part of the iPhone image.

When you visited the very first devices under Steve Jobs, the switch was really necessary. There are simply no other quick operations to do the same through iOS. Then it just became part of how the language of the device worked and went through a complete redesign around the time of the iPhone X.

Over time and possibly increased frequency of increased risk. You can even wake up and wake up iPhone automatically using Focus modes, Control Center, and so on.

In general, this is really a rudiment, but still branded.

Why the lever is no longer needed

I mentioned the objective reasons above. But there is one, completely subjective, and here my point of view may differ from yours.

Perhaps I am the only one. But the lever in all my iPhones has been constantly and forever in only one position for at least 10 years – silent mode.

I really have never phone call not enabled. He is so close. Watch on hand. Mac in front of me. When you call, the phone vibrates, the watch vibrates, and macOS displays. If you listen to music, the track is interrupted. The sound from the iPhone speakers is absolutely superfluous. After all, even without it, it became almost impossible to miss a call.

Over the past years, I have come across the opinion several times on the Internet that in the chosen world, silent mode on a smartphone is the only correct option in terms of their views of themselves, as well as those around them. There have been instances of spam calls occurring before suspicious urgency, and we are seeing observed patterns of outward signs. So the ringtone itself for many has become the same rudiment as the “lever” looks like in 2023.

Therefore, not everyone will miss the “lever”. Or not?

Do you use the toggle lock on iPhone?
  • Yes, all the time

  • No, I have it in one position

54% Yes, all the time

46% No, I have it in one position

192 voted

Source: Iphones RU

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