youth María Juliana Murzi Pabón died in a serious accident inside Bucaramanga The discovery that the driver of the motorcycle that he had collided with did not have the necessary documents created surprise in some parts of the city.

– This will be the final farewell to the young college student who died in the accident in Bucaramanga

– It was María Juliana, a medical student who died in a fatal accident

– Heartfelt message from the university after the tragic death of a medical student

Born in Arauca, Murzi had come to the capital city of Santander to become a professional. at the age of 24, he was close to graduating as a doctor; He was only a few months away from completing his internship and receiving his diploma.

However, while on his motorcycle to his workplace, Clínica Comuneros, Carrera 27 crashed on Avenida González Valencia. A few days after the tragedy, local media released the video from the security camera, which was an important part of the investigation.

At 5.24 am on the morning of August 18, you can see how they both collided in a spectacular way at the intersection. Apparently the house missed the red light, so he found himself face to face with the young woman.died instantly.

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Carlos Bueno, director transit BucaramangaHe grieved over the death of María Juliana, whom he described as “a young woman with a great future ahead of her”. He also denied that the motorcyclist involved was driving without documents.

“It is even more upsetting to discover that one of the motorcycles involved in this accident poses a threat to people and other vehicles, as well as documents such as mechanical whitepaper, SOAT and Driver’s License,” he said.

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His colleagues and friends from Santander University held candlelight to commemorate him. “She was very happy, she was a hard worker, she got the best grades, she was a very good girl,” said one of her friends, María Camila Acevedo.

His body was taken to Arauca, where his family said goodbye to him for the last time.

As for the motorcyclist, he has to give an account of the fines given to him for driving without the necessary documents and in process with the prosecutor’s office.

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Source: Exame

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