Protecting the security of your devices is essential. The network provides endless advantages to meet any digital need. But as technology advances to their benefit, cyber threats can evolve.

Part of the navigation responsibility is up to the user and their maintenance. Among thousands of searches, downloads, and programs, you are not immune from a cyberattack that could steal your data or slow down your computer.

Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, so there are a lot of threats and malware circulating on the internet to influence Microsoft’s creativity.

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In this sense, Antiviruses are a great alternative to block all kinds of simulated threats to your computer’s internal system.because among its functions, it prevents, searches, detects and eliminates all kinds of viruses identified on your computer.

These are some options you can use to protect your computer in the following situations: Windows 10 or 11 completely free and with cybersecurity benefits.

Founded in the Czech Republic, it is one of the oldest companies in the field of computer security and privacy software. Although it has many paid products like ‘AVG Internet Security Unlimited’, They have free versions that can work very well to protect your device.

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With AVG AntiVirus FRE can stop viruses ‘spyware’, ‘ransomware’ and other types of ‘malware’, block unsafe links or files, Get updates in real time and analyze your computer to find performance issues according to its official page.

To get it, you just have to go to the website and select the green free download button; Here you will also find the paid subscription for $59,900 per month with more features.

According to the specialist technology portal ‘Xataka’, this company is one of the largest and most famous companies in the cybersecurity world. The free option is one of the most effective at detecting ‘malware’, hence one of the most reliable alternatives.

This application it has a silent identification system and no pop-ups to disturb the user. It also does not take up much space and has a light performance on the computer.

But its ‘free’ version is limited as it promises excellent protection against viruses. but no parental controls, password manager, or defenses against online purchases Unless you buy the $99 ‘premium’ category. 800 pesos a year.

This option is the easiest, because it is built into the Windows 10 system itself, because Microsoft has made an effort to adapt the ‘software’ to general-level protection functions, without you having to go elsewhere. Outsource.



Source: Exame

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