Michela De Rossi and Filippo Scotti are the protagonists of Cosimo Gomez’s new film, Spotty and me: Here’s the trailer and synopsis of the film, which will hit the peninsula’s cinemas from July 7.

Matteo is twenty-seven years old and is a chief animator at a major company that makes cartoons for children. He is an introverted boy, loves solitude, talks very little and is wary to the point of surly. In his lonely world, every night when he comes home from work, he wears a fur suit, a mask and plays as a dog named Spotty. Contrary to what happens in real life, in those clothes, in that childish play, Matteo seems to reach a state of freedom, of happiness. But something is missing from his life and one day he decides to put a dog sitter search ad online, for Spotty of course! Eve, a twenty-five-year-old college student who is not at home, answers. Eva leads a chaotic life, goes to college with poor grades, lives only improbable love affairs and loses job after job. After the initial embarrassment, as the days go by, a special, unique relationship, not without its challenges, begins to develop between Eva and Spotty, which will also lead to Eva and Matteo, two souls in search of themselves, meeting each other. .

Source: Lega Nerd

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