WhatsApp messaging app, owned by Meta, is developing an interoperability feature that will allow its users to communicate with people using other messaging platforms such as Signal and Telegram, without requiring a Meta account.

The initiative comes in response to the obligations imposed by the Digital Markets Law. This brings new regulations for technology companies, Meta are considered controllers or “gatekeepers” of the digital market, including Apple and Google.

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These regulations include a series of obligations and prohibitions to ensure fair competition in the digital sector. The new feature developed by WhatsApp is one of Meta’s responses to the obligations imposed by the European DMA, which requires these companies to allow communication between different platforms.

WaBetaInfo, a private portal, has revealed that WhatsApp has introduced a new tab. “Third-party chats” in WhatsApp’s latest beta version for Android, Available on Google Play.

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Thanks to this interoperability, users of platforms other than Meta, such as Signal or Telegram, They will be able to communicate with WhatsApp users without having to download the application and without having to create an account on the platform.

There is a deadline for the implementation of the goal Interoperability with other messaging apps before March 2024As prescribed by the regulations. In case of non-compliance, Europe may impose fines on the platform; These penalties can be up to 10% of the company’s global revenue, and up to 20% in case of repetition.

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Source: Exame

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