If you have a… gardenhere are some easy ways to get you back fireflies. To repopulate your green space with the fantastic and natural light of these extraordinary insects, a few simple ones are enough
precautionary actions. Unfortunately, fireflies are a type of insect that is increasingly exposed to the risk of extinction. Over there
habitat destruction, light pollution, the use of pesticides in the agricultural sector are all factors of
serious danger to the beloved fireflies.

Compared to other insects such as bees, which are more likely to adapt to the characteristics of urban places, fireflies are not. They are very delicate, fragile and less flexible. So is there any way to protect them?

By evaluating and knowing the factors that reduce the number of fireflies, we can intervene
keep theirs natural habitat. You Can Start Reducing Light Pollution You Don’t
it allows fireflies to send out signals in the spring and summer.

Another way is to reduce the use of pesticides and to ban the collection of fireflies from their natural environment, just for fun. In addition to paying attention to these factors, people can contribute to: repopulation of these insects by breeding them
and release them into nature.

Here’s how to repopulate your yard with fireflies:

Source: Lega Nerd

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