Emergency crews, this Thursday afternoon road accident It occurred at the 12th kilometer around 14:59 hours. via Siberia – Cota.

Preliminary information shared by the Cundinamarca Fire Department indicates that a vehicle overturned in the corridor.

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It is a means of transportation between municipalities, Plate GFF 711 carrying passengers at the time of the incident.

For now, the causes of the incident are unknown. But yes There is information that 18 people were injured.

“A traffic accident occurs due to the overturning of a bus belonging to the CootransCota company. The aid and first response teams in the region need to intervene. We currently have 18 injured people, 6 of whom are more complex, referred to hospitals in Chía and Cota.. “The scene has been handed over to the Traffic Police so they can assess the causes of the accident,” said Captain Álvaro Farfán, Delegate of the Cundinamarca Fire Department.

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At that time, the Emergency Regulatory Center (CRU) sent ambulances to the area. The fire departments of the municipalities of Tenjo and Rosal are also in the field.

On your own behalf The Devisab consortium reported that the road was completely closed.

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Source: Exame

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