On the afternoon of Monday, September 11, users of Claro mobile services nationwide reported a malfunction in calls and Internet access.

“No data signal and intermittent search network for 30 minutes,” said former Twitter user X, one of those affected.


According to a Claro source consulted by this newspaper, The first report of the intermittent malfunction occurred around 2:20 p.m.

Unsuitable It took about 100 minutes.

Considering the large number of complaints on social networks, the company stated that it regrets the situation and apologizes to users affected by the interruptions in mobile phone services.

Likewise, according to the company’s statement, “there have been no new developments” in the service since 16:00 on Monday, when the problem was supposed to be resolved.

Although some initially speculated that the disruption in services was probably due to solar-related meteorological events, the emission of solar plasma through the wind, this theory was not taken into account at the company.

“Given the published information about the impact of a meteorological event, The company is not aware of the impact on the situation presented this Monday“, a company insider told EL TIEMPO.

“What happened was a technical malfunction On one of the computers on the network, as can be expected in a dynamic network” he assured.

So what happened? It was not caused by any external factorand the company explains that this was “just due to a failure” This is a very common situation in such a large operation.“.

Despite some complaints from users about other services, this Monday’s issue affected only mobile phone services: voice and Internet.


Source: Exame

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